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Fora els invasors nazis!

20 Setembre 2017

CANFELIPÚTRIDS, NO ENS ANORREAREU !!! Fora els invasors nazis! Of the three nazi powers from last century only the asspain nazis are still active. Until when…??? Time to anihilate the asspain nazis! OUT WITH THE DAMNED INVADERS !!! FORA ELS INVASORS CANFELIPÚTRIDS !!! QUE MORI D’UNA PUTA VEGADA EL NAZISME DELS INVASORS !!! The nazi […]

VOLEU FOTRE EL CAMP DE L’INFERN CANFELIPÚTRID ? I TANT !!!! Let’s get the hell out of hell ! Asspain is the shittiest pain of them all ! TO HELL WITH ASSPAIN !!!! Tweet


16 Setembre 2017

To hell with asspain for asspain is hell! —To hell with asspain! —For asspain is hell! —And who wants to be in hell? —Not the Catalonians! —Catalonians want freedom from hell! Tweet