hi afegiré això encara que no vingui gaire a tomb

Cristòfol o Cristòfor Colom, nauxer vital

There were
thieves (the typical sap-niards, the viral asspainish) and told
everbody that the fellow was from elsewhere – anywhere but from
Catalonia, of course. Genovese, whatever. Charles Merrill and Jordi
Bilbeny, in their renewed wisdom, are able to say otherwise.

Two Things About The Navigator

means dove in Catalonian; a frequent family name. The sappy spaniards
don’t know how to pronounce Catalonian words: the myriad Catalonian
words that finish in -om, -am, -em, -um, im…, the spaniards transform them into macaronics -on, -un, -in…, etc.

Catalonian makes mute the -r
finishing any word. Thus Cristòfor, sounds in Catalonian Cristofo. Due
to the fact that Catalonian abhorrs words that finish in -o, automatically an l is added to the word. Thus from bando, bàndol, from where our bandoleer is coming… Same thing with Cristofo — it became Cristòfol… Here’s the secret of your self-determined l.


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